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XCrySDenis a crystalline and molecular structure visualisation program, which aims at display of isosurfaces and contours, which can be superimposed on crystalline structures and interactively rotated and manipulated. It can run on most UNIX platforms, without any special hardware requirements.

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Other References
  1. A. Kokalj, Computer graphics and graphical user interfaces as tools in simulations of matter at the atomic scale, Comp. Mat. Sci., 2003, 28, 155--168.
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License Agreement and Citation Format
License Agreement
GNU GPL Version 2

Citation Format
A. Kokalj, Comp. Mater. Sci. 2003 28, p. 155-168

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Axle  1.4.1  /apps/XCrySDen/1.4.1_static_32bit  
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