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The OpenFOAM®  (Open Field Operation and Manipulation) CFD Toolbox is a free, open source CFD software package produced by OpenCFD Ltd. It has a large user base across most areas of engineering and science, from both commercial and academic organisations. OpenFOAM has an extensive range of features to solve anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics and electromagnetics. It includes tools for meshing, notably snappyHexMesh, a parallelised mesher for complex CAD geometries, and for pre- and post-processing. Almost everything (including meshing, and pre- and post-processing) runs in parallel as standard, enabling users to take full advantage of computer hardware at their disposal.

By being open, OpenFOAM offers users complete freedom to customise and extend its existing functionality, either by themselves or through support from OpenCFD. It follows a highly modular code design in which collections of functionality (e.g. numerical methods, meshing, physical models, …) are each compiled into their own shared library. Executable applications are then created that are simply linked to the library functionality. OpenFOAM includes over 80 solver applications that simulate specific problems in engineering mechanics and over 170 utility applications that perform pre- and post-processing tasks, e.g. meshing, data visualisation, etc.

  • Basic CFD solvers
  • Incompressible flow with RANS and LES capabilities
  • Compressible flow solvers with RANS and LES capabilities
  • Buoyancy-driven flow solvers
  • DNS and LES
  • Multiphase flow solvers
  • Particle-tracking solvers
  • Solvers for combustion problems
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Users Manual
On-line User Guide (PDF Version)
License Agreement and Citation Format
License Agreement
GNU GPL version 3

Citation Format 
OpenFOAM is produced by OpenCFD Ltd and is freely available and open source, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. While we encourage prospective users of OpenFOAM to read the GPL, we provide information on Open Source Software Licensing.

How to Access the Program 
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Aurora 1.7.1 /apps/OpenFOAM/1.7.1 MPI
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Last Updated - 4th Oct 2011
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