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Materials Studio  
Materials Studio
Materials Studio is a materials modeling and simulation application designed for scientists in chemicals and materials R&D as well as pharmaceuticals development. Materials Studio reduces the time needed to solve complex calculations with:
  • graphical user environments
  • simulation technology from quantum to atomistic to mesoscale
  • statistical tools for structure-property relationships 
Materials Studio provides a set of scientific capabilities for modeling crystal structure and crystallization processes; for property prediction for molecules, polymers, catalysts, and other materials; and for the development of structure-activity relationships. 

Official Homepage
User Manual
User manual of Materials Studio is not released to public, please contact Accelrys Software Inc. to obtain the manual. 

A Beginner Guide to Material Studio and a DFT Calculaiton with Castep
License Agreement and Citation Format
Citation Format 
"Materials Studio," Accelrys. © 2001-2011 Accelrys Software Inc.
How to Access the Program 
This package is accessble by licensees only, please contact A*CRC if you want to use Materials Studio.
Servers Versions Paths Parallelization Methods
Fuji  5.5.3  /apps/MSI  MPI
Using the Program
Please note that, Materials Studio cannot be launched in the unix shell directly.  To use this package, a graphical interface must be install in the client computer.

Please contact A*CRC for more information to use this package.
Additional Notes

Last Updated - 5th Oct 2011
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