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Today’s supercomputing resources, from clusters and large multiprocessor systems to the visualization and storage hardware to accompany them, are increasingly complex and harder to optimally use by default. In addition, the software optimization, tuning and scaling choices are numerous, with vast differences in the actual performance and productivity obtained.
Our expert teams in both systems and software do provide a range of advisory and assistance options to the users. These include:
1 – Application software selection and configuration assistance
Whether the user prefers open source or commercial software, we can assist the user select the most optimum solution for his work depending on the usage and dataset performance, size and scaling requirements, as well as the budgets and required timelines. This can be ascertained based on using either the A*CRC computing resources or user’s own computing capacity
2 – User’s computing resource acquisition and configuration advisory
For the users who also need their own local computing resources, our advisory can assist in the estimation, recommendation, configuration and setup assistance on the user’s own resource, including computing hardware, storage, networking and visualization, as well as the site and power requirements for space and energy-saving solutions. Past beneficiaries include sister A*STAR institutes, local institutes of higher learning and stat boards.
3 – User code tuning and optimization
The users writing their own code for specific custom use or datasets, can count on the help from our software team to work on the optimal code optimization and tuning for the specific A*CRC. We also support grid and cloud environments.

Software FAQ

Some instructions on setting up compilers and building of programs are available here
Last Updated - 6th Feb 2013
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