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Accounts Entitlement
All A*STAR scientific staff are entitled to an account on the machines managed by A*CRC.

All A*CRC account holders and users must strictly observe the existing A*CRC Usage Policy and any rulings and policies as may be instituted by A*STAR or IDA. By signing the Account Request Form the user agrees to abide by the  A*CRC Usage Policy. This is a implicit in obtaining a user account and access to A*CRC resources.

A*CRC reserves the right to prevent the user, without prior notice, from access to the systems and using of the resources if there is any breach of regulations and policies by him or her. Investigations will be carried out if there is any breach of existing rules. 

Account Request Form
New A*CRC users are requested to submit an application on our Account Request page.

Expired Accounts:
Your accounts will normally expire within one week after you leave your RI. (For non-A*STAR users, it will be within one week upon the completion of your project.) Your files will then be archived for a year before they are erased. If you need an extension of your account (e.g. to complete your project etc.) please send the request through your supervisor along with the justification.

Our resources are limited, hence there are allocations and limits of disk usage, memory restrictions, size of jobs, CPU and wall-clock time allocations.
Last Updated - 18th Oct 2010
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