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Our latest system, an IBM Bluegene/Q. The is the first system of its kind in the South East Asia region. Rated at over 100 TFLOPS, this is also the most powerful known supercomputer in this region. With an extremely well balanced Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture, this system is ideal for large jobs requiring hundreds or thousands of processors, taking it well beyond the scalability limits of commodity High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. Cumulus has 512 compute nodes and 8192 cores with 1GB of memory per core.

Hardware Configuration

  Head Node Compute Nodes
Hostname cumulus 1-512 Compute cards
System IBM Power 720 Server IBM Bluegene/Q
Processor IBM Power7 3.3GHz IBM PowerPC A2 1.6GHz
Cores per node 16 16
Memory per node 16GB 16GB
Internonnects Gigabit Ethernet IB Switch with 5D Torus
Disk space 100TB

Last Updated - 3rd Jul 2013
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