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Welcome to A*CRC's MATLAB & Simulink resource webpage. For a trial period of 6 months, all users will be given access to:

  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS) and Parallel Computing capabilities on the A*CRC Durian Cluster
    MDCS lets you run computationally intensive programs and models on A*CRC Durian cluster. Scale up to execute multiple workers on the 128-core Durian cluster for faster computation time. The server supports batch jobs, parallel computations, and distributed large data.

  • Evaluate over 90 toolboxes that are related to MATLAB & Simulink
    On the Durian server, you can also explore and evaluate products that are not currently available in your Research Institute. There are over 90 products supporting MATLAB, the language of technical computing, and Simulink for simulation and Model-Based Design. View all products from The MathWorks MATLAB product website.

The trial period will be 1 February - 31 July 2014.

Click here* for the PDF document to get started.

*All weblinks to A*CRC's repository are only accessible within the A*STAR LAN network (not wifi). If you still cannot access it, please inform A*CRC.
License Agreement
The five trial licenses are concurrent network licenses for commercial and academic use. If all five concurrent licenses are in use for long periods of time, please email ; demand will promote supply.

How to Access the Program 
Please refer to the PDF** document to get started:
  • Refer to chapter 2 if you DO NOT have MATLAB R2013
  • Refer to chapter 3 if you are currently using MATLAB R2013a
  • Refer to chapter 4 if you want to access / evaluate MATLAB R2013a remotely from the A*CRC server

**Applicable for all Mac, Linux and Windows users.

Using the Program
Refer to the PDF document:
  • Section 3.b shows how to submit batch jobs to the Durian cluster
  • Section 3.c provides the full list of toolboxes available
  • Chapter 5 provides examples of running parallel jobs
MATLAB Documentation by MathWorks Inc.
Additional Notes
Support lines:
  • For queries on the MATLAB trial program or for MDCS configuration support:  or tel: 6842 4222 ext. 1022
  • For other MATLAB technical support:
  • For queries on the Durian cluster or for A*CRC: , tel: 6419 1496 or A*CRC's enquiry & feedback form.
Other notes:
  • The Durian cluster consists of 32 nodes. Each node comprises of:
    • 2 Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2218 @ 2.6GHz
    • 8GB DDR2 ECC memory
    • Interconnected using Gigabit Ethernet
  • If you have participated in the testing phase of the trial and you have a 32-worker job limit in place, please refer to the FAQ in the instructions to remove this limit.
  • If you experience any network connectivity issues related to obtaining the MATLAB licenses or using MDCS, please contact TechSource in the first instance. If this is a firewall issue, we may then ask you to contact your network IT administrator for firewall re-configuration in order for this to work. 

Last Updated - 3rd Mar 2014
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